The medieval group Authentica Castrum Walinvels emerged from the community of interest, named ‘Mittelalter’, founded in 2003. The occasion was the 750th anniversary of the city of Tambach-Dietharz in 2004.

We started with about a dozen people and our goal was to attend the parade and medieval camp in our city. In order to be suitable for the Middle Ages, we purchased literature about the time, we made our own mail shirts, built weapons and shields, sewed our garments and tents according to historical models. Already with these preparations we had a lot of fun and the first were already infected with the Middle Ages virus.

Our first trip together led us to the Wachsenburg. There we had a nice, but very windy day. Saturday, the 5th of June, it was finally time, now grown to 22 people, we participated in the medieval camp on the Rödichenwiese.

One week later, the big parade through Tambach-Dietharz took place. Both events were a great success for us and brought us some nice experiences and lots of experiences. As soon as we were historically equipped, we all agreed that we could not just stop, because Living History is addicting!

So we looked for castles and city festivals to introduce ourselves. For example, the Ludowingerfest in Friedrichroda, the city festival in Bad Langensalza, the Wartburg … .. just to name a few. On the 24th of September in 2004, 15 members from the community of interest founded the medieval group “Authentica Castrum Walinvels”, in short ACW. We delve into the history of the former Waldenfels Castle and its inhabitants.

In order to reproduce life as authentically as possible at the end of the 13th century, we practice sword fighting and archery, as well as various medieval crafts, such as felting, card weaving, sewing, blacksmithing or the simple, if equally tasty medieval cuisine.

Since we want to make just those things, like Living History or, above all, the fun of the Middle Ages, accessible to everyone, we will continue to visit castles, city festivals, medieval markets. We also organize our own annual medieval spectacle called Ritter Recken Heldenspiele in the city park in Tambach-Dietharz as well as the medieval Christmas market at Schloss Wilhelmsburg in Schmalkalden.